Recent widower Jeff Morgan never expected the treasure he would find after receiving a call from an attorney informing him that a fellow soldier from his Vietnam days has died. His old combat buddy willed Morgan a project--a manuscript containing details about a Civil War event. It was the soldierís dying wish that Morgan complete the manuscript.

Eric Hoffer Award:

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About a dozen years or so ago I restarted my writing by dusting off my Vietnam memoir and a work in progress novel. Also about that time, I began to wait tables, having left my prior life behind (some might say I sort of retired!). Anyway for the last ten years I have been a waiter/writer (arenít we all, somehow the two seem to go together).

One of the first writerís conferences I attended I met Debra Ginsberg, who wrote a book on waiting and it was in that book that I found a quote that summed up my life for those past ten years. With her kind permission I have posted it here:

"In my experience, Iíve noticed that waiting on tables is one of two things that almost everyone thinks they can do. The other is writing. Perhaps itís no accident that there is only one letter of difference between waiter and writer. ď

Debra Ginsberg
Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress (HarperCollins 2002)

In the summer of 1969 elements of the 101st Airborne went back to the A Shau Valley in South Vietnam.

In the summer of 1864 the 10th Vermont, part of General Ricketts Third Division, marched into the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Sam Kensington Was There At Both Campaigns.

Reviewers Choice Award 2012 Historical Fiction First Place for The American War

Reviewers Choice Award ~Tyler R. Tichelaar Award for Best Historical Fiction~ for The American War

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